How it’s made – Mobile application

February 11, 2011 by Merlin

Kad će Kiša mobile application

It seems you can’t turn anywhere today without some mobile app hitting you over the head. As it became so common and used everyday, it’s definitely time to continue a well known series and to see how to create one.

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Dusting off the workbench

February 3, 2011 by Merlin

Dusty workbench

It has been two months since the last decent post on this blog. We’ll try hard not to do that again. All we can say in our defense is that we were working on the Symbian mobile application for our weather service and some other projects (check the references). The mobile app is almost done and you can view what the fuss is all about on a short, but visually descriptive presentation.

If you’re interested in about finding out more about the app and be notified when it’s published, be sure to visit its page and leave an email.

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