Some useful business resources

November 22, 2010 by Zoran

These are some of the posts a stumbled into the other day. I picked them because they gave me a lot of food for thought. I hope they make you think too.

Paul Graham raises an interesting point in his post about the top idea on ones mind. He also ties it up nicely with the ever present issue of money and startups. A must read if you ever plan on raising funds for your business.

The following posts are all from Spencer Fry’s site. At the core of your startup there has to be an idea you’re in love with. When you have that kind of base, it is a lot easier coming up with the motivation and energy needed at the beginning phases when the going is tough.

So how do you start? The post discusses some of the key issues when starting your fledgling company. The idea of bootstrapping has been around since the first startup ever and is one every entrepreneur should be at least familiar with. A really great resource.

Another concept indispensible for the business owners is networking. This is especially important for the developer startups because that (and a related concept: marketing ;)) is almost always the most difficult concept for them.

And for some sweets at the very end. Something for all you non-technicals in a developer companies. It paints a superb image about the countless stuff needed to run any startup (even a developer based). So, yes, there’s room for everyone.

This list is, of course, ever growing so don’t be shy about adding your suggestions.