Latest blog post: How it’s made – Mobile application

Web services

Web surrounds us. It's a fact. We have started to check Facebook and Twitter before we get out of bed. If that is something we're still resisting, the first thing after a morning coffee will most probably be to start a web browser. There is much to work on such a big infrastructure, so if you need to:

  • create a new or refresh an old web site
  • program a Facebook application
  • setup Google maps with your web application
  • modify a web page for a mobile phone preview

... or anything else connected to the Web, be sure to give us a call. We'll do our best to create something great for you.


The bonsai story

Bonsai is a small work of art that is the pride and benefit of its owner. It requires careful planning, care and regular maintenance. The entire form is important as much as any small detail. In such conditions, the bonsai thrives and develops and provides satisfaction to the one who observes it and anyone who cares about it.